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1080P Full HD 2.0 Mega Pixel CMOS


General Features

  • X360 Zoom Control (Optical x30, Digital x12)
  • Endless 360° Pan Rotation
  • Speed (MAX.240°/sec)
  • Ultra-Low Vibration due to S-curved acceleration & deceleration
  • Motorized IR: Projection angle of IR is automatically adjusted according to the zoom level
  • Day & Night (ICR), Defog
  • 1024 Preset Positions with Alphanumeric Labels
  • 128 Scan, 128 Tour, 128 Pattern
  • Auto Parking, Auto Map, Power-up Action
  • Built-in 4 Sensor Inputs and 2 Relay Output
  • IP66 environment protection as w ell as built-in Fan & Heater
  • (Dome Cover: PC / Housing & Accessories: AL Die-cast)

PTZ Features
Micro-Step Technology
Due to the Micro-stepping technology, one step angle is divided by 256. Accordingly, high accuracy as well as ultra-low sound noise (under 60dB) can be achieved. Micro-stepping technology enables ultra-low speed down to 0.05°/s for high zoom operations.
Vector Driving
Based on the shortest time and the smallest cost concept, each Pan and Tilt motion is done with simultaneous and harmonious manner by Vector drive technology.
IP Features
Real-time High Definition Speed Dome Camera
Using the state of art video compression engine, real time HD video streams of 1080p and 720p can be delivered for recording and monitoring.
Triple codec, Simultaneous Multi-Streaming
Triple H/W codec enables to transmit Max 3 independent streams with different settings for different requirements. Therefore, it is possible to combine seamless remote video monitoring using H.264 with simultaneous transmission of highquality MPEG-4to Network Video Recorder. Also, additional MJPEG can be delivered for Mobile devices such as Smart Phone or PDA.
Local SD Card Backup
Some important sequence of still images can be stored in the SDHC memory card. This action can be configured to work with pre-post- alarm event or a given interval.
Unique Features
Virtual Joystick on the Image
Virtual Joystick is inspired by real 3-Axis Joystick. You can decide PT direction by right clicking the image and change the zoom in out by scrolling mouse wheel. The PT speeds are proportional to how much you deviate mouse from the center. Using this function, control of PTZ is done in instinctive manner.
Auto Map Generation
After installing PTZ, make camera to generate the Scenery Map autonomously. It will process and stitch a series of pictures to make one overall Scenery map. Using Scenery map, you can quickly switch one place to another. By drawing a bow on the map, PTZ will move to the center of the box as well as adjust zoom ratio to match the box.
Automatic IR Adjustment
IR beamwidth and camera FoV can be matched automatically according to the zoom level by checking the camera’s FoV and adjusting IR. High-power monocrystal infrared IR delivers a great distance of 180m.


Data Sheet AC-2M-O-PTZ-30X-IR